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What Our Recent Clients Are Saying...
"As a single working mom, I needed all the help I could get relocating and purchasing my home. So having an agent working exclusively for me was great, but the biggest help was having the cash off at closing to help cover my closing costs!"   Kathryn Mellon, Columbia, SC
$ 1,760.00 is a Big Help for a Single Working Mom!
"I keep asking why I didn't know about this on our last home purchase?  We got tons of help from Deborah our agent in finding and negotiating for our home, but never had to negotiate for our commission rebate. We used the check we got after closing to purchase things for our new home."   John & Amy, Charleston, SC
Charleston Rebates
$ 2,017.00 Cash at Closing on Purchase of Our New Home
"We worked with our agent to negotiate a great price on land for our development company and then received an additional $9,700.00 off our cash purchase price with a rebate at closing! We plan to use a Rebates on Real Estate Agent on all our future purchases."    Chris P.  - Granden Group, LLC. Myrtle Beach, SC.
$ 9,700.00 Saved on Purchase of Land
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Savings estimates are subject to minimum commission and may vary.

How it works:

  1. Over 40 States have approved rebates to buyers from part of the commission offered to agents from property sellers.
  2. Rebates on Real Estate gives YOU an opportunity to work with talented and dedicated real estate agents willing to pass on savings to today’s savvy home buyer.
  3. We connect buyers (and sellers) to agents that will rebate a portion of their commissions at closing. These rebates are paid directly to YOU or can be used to reduce the price of the home or to pay closing costs.

Find Your Home and Rebate


  • One of our participating local member agents will give you additional details on serving you as an Exclusive Buyers Agent with a REBATE to you from part of their commission
  • They have had special training and their goal is to explain their services in more detail and offer you the opportunity to enter into the Agency Agreement that will not only help you find and purchase your new property with their expert guidance, but give you a cash rebate at closing.
  • No negotiating with agents for rebates!
  • We will be available to facilitate this process in any way we can.