Rebates on Real Estate was started to help individuals and family’s shopping for Real Estate For Sale online an opportunity to work with talented and dedicated real estate agents willing to pass on savings to today’s tech savvy home buyer. connects buyers (and sellers) with agents that will rebate a portion of their commissions at closing.  These rebates are paid directly to the buyers or can be used to reduce the price of the home or to pay closing costs.

Who we are:


Tom Wingard – Founding Member

Over the past 25+ years I have been directly a party to hundreds of millions in real estate purchases and sales. With my background in accounting and as owner of several large development and construction businesses over those years and being blessed to have a wife that was also a talented Real Estate Broker, I have a unique perspective on the Real Estate market. We realized that the Real Estate market was changing. Gone are the days of the phonebook size MLS books that no one had access to but the Real Estate agents to a world where online Real Estate information is updated in minutes and easily accessible.

The role of the Real Estate agent has changed. They are being forces to change how they do business and add more value to the real estate buying and selling process than just being a “gatekeeper”. Even real estate regulators have made a small shift away from laws that protect the consumer to laws that protect the “market” and commissions of the Agents and Brokers. The US Justice Department has taken aim on states which enact laws that do not benefit the Buyer and Sellers of Real Estate. Currently there are 10 States that still will not allow Rebates to Sellers. To read more you can visit:

Do you really want to pay thousands of dollars just to have someone walk you thru a home? I never did!